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My guidebook suggested that it would be a most humbling experience. It was still early and it was only the shortest detour from the road to Amiens and its majestic Gothic cathedral (the largest in France). It shouldn’t take long. The road ran through the gently rolling farms and fields of the Somme Valley on a sunny spring morning.I stood alone at the entrance to the Australian War Memorial and I ....Continue Reading >>
Rich in natural travel wonders with large snaking glaciers, weird and wonderful rock formations from the highly active volcanoes, sulphuric thermal pools and waterfalls galore from the melting snow and glaciers, Iceland’s natural beauty, rich Norse legends and easy going nature should put it on the itinerary of any avid traveller. Expressive and energetic waterfalls seemingly tumble over every rock ....Continue Reading >>
This is part one of my top ten African travel wonder list. Travel wonders six to ten are posted separately.Africa is the most geographically and culturally diverse continent on our planet. It the birthplace of humankind. Considerably less visited than the westernized Europe and North America, the rewards of visiting the vast emptiness of the Sahara, the rich rainforests of Central Africa, the 5000 ....Continue Reading >>
This is part two of the top ten travel wonders of Africa featuring those sights ranked six to ten. A separate post lists sights ranked one to five.Here are numbers six to ten of the list.6. Sahara DesertThe parched emptiness of the Sahara is a mesmerising sight. Honed by centuries of wind and erosion, rocky plains, saw-toothed mountains, gravelly escarpments and sweeping sand dunes define a cruel terrain ....Continue Reading >>
It is serenely quiet and bitterly cold. A small group of us have just scrambled over rocks with numb hands to get to a small stone hut. An almost spiritual light replaces the intense sunlight as shades of orange and pink paint the uneven tips of the wind-worn and jagged brown mountains which jut out of the Saharan sands. The eerie shadows of the valleys below fall into a deep mauve haze before evaporating ....Continue Reading >>
Souviens-toi! Remember! A sign at the entrance says only these words, yet says so much. The town was almost deserted. Two other couples peacefully wander the streets of this small rural village in Central France in silence. A family with two young boys languidly stroll near the church. Even the children walk quietly here. A gentle refreshing breeze rustles the surrounding trees and speaks a quiet hush ....Continue Reading >>
One of the great touring drives in the world is along a real travel wonder, the Great Ocean Road, west of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. This road hugs the southern coastline of Victoria passing a number of remarkable rock formations, the best known of which is The Twelve Apostles. Originally called the Sow and the Piglets, the tourism marketing department gathered together, added value and renamed ....Continue Reading >>
See Mothers' Boundless Love for a story about the Mothers of the Disappeared. ....Continue Reading >>
Life is busy. Chicks have to be fed, guarded and kept warm even in these short summer months. Nests have to be maintained. Suitable stones and rocks are in short supply and there has been a lot of thieving going on this year. It is difficult with so many of us living in such a confined space.And we have our human guests to keep entertained as well. They look so silly with their bright orange and yellow ....Continue Reading >>
Though invaded by tourists in summer but with a permanent population of less than a thousand, Hallstatt is an idyllic and picturesque Austrian village sandwiched on a small wedge of land between towering mountains and a chilly, peaceful lake – a typical Austrian travel wonder. The nearby salt mines have bought people to this area for over 4,500 years including Iron Age folks and the Romans.Only one ....Continue Reading >>
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