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guest post by Lara NicotraMexico is a popular destination for tourists from around the world, and its popularity is well-earned. The country boasts beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, rich historical sites and authentically delicious food, among other things. One of the other major benefits to Mexico is that it's affordable. Travelers from other parts of the world can enjoy the favorable ....Continue Reading >>
by Leslie ToWhy do we love Hawaii so much? For one, it’s absolutely beautiful, but it’s not just the lovely surroundings that entice us all to make the trek. The distinct characteristics and personalities of each island within the chain are so diverse and unique, how visitors spend time there is as varied as the people themselves. In short, the 50th state offers about as many ways to vacation ....Continue Reading >>
While Milford Sound shares its bountiful beauty with many thousands of visitors, slightly more southerly Doubtful Sound shares its secrets with relatively few. Ten times larger than Milford (Milford would fit into one of Doubtful’s arms – see map), Doubtful Sound is accessible only via a boat trip across the clear and gentle waters of Lake Manapouri and via a comfortable bus ride over on ....Continue Reading >>
by Amanda Rodrigues, Show and StayFrom music landmarks to rock star hangouts, join us as we explore the rock 'n' roll hotspots in the UK capital, the must-see sites for any music lover on a London hotel break.Abbey RoadRecreate the iconic Beatles album cover at this crossing in St John's Wood, North West London, where the Fab Four photographed the legendary image in August 1969. ....Continue Reading >>
The touristy town of Te Anau runs alongside the beautiful lake of the same name (New Zealand's second largest lake). It is the starting point for the superb scenic drive to Milford, the trek along Milford Track and the boat cruise along Milford Sound.The town is Maori for Swirling Water Cave which were only rediscovered in the late 1940s on the opposite side of the lake to the town and which ....Continue Reading >>
Justifiably popular, Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the world. Accessed via the stunning Te Anau-Milford Road which provides a taste of the scenery to come, Milford Sound is hemmed in by towering vertical rock faces rising up to 1500 metres in height, waterfalls cascading from mountain ridges and hanging valleys into the inky dark waters.Cruises depart regularly ....Continue Reading >>
Perched in a grassy park lapping the shores of Lake Te Anau is a fine statue of intrepid Scottish explorer and guide, Quintin MacKinnon who co-founded the world-famous Milford Trackand opened up a pathway across the South Island of New Zealand. MacKinnon owned the rights to the mail run between Te Anau and Milford for some years before he sadly drowned in the lake his statue sits on only a few ....Continue Reading >>
While it is only the third best way of arriving at Milford Sound (hiking the Milford Track or arriving by boat win hands down for the two most rewarding), the 120 km drive from the touristy township of Te Anau to Milford is a world class highly scenic drive highlighting the dramatic scale and natural beauty of this World Heritage-listed area.With a strong recommendation to hit the road early, the ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Emily Buchanan, Original VolunteersEveryone has a bucket list of places to visit before they die. From the heat and history of Egypt’s Pyramids to the border-balancing roar of the Niagara Falls, our planet is best understood by its awe-inspiring beauty. Not to mention the fact that visiting one of these hot spots can serve as a fantastic way to cleanse the modern mind. And sure, ....Continue Reading >>
The energetic (or mad?) walk to the top of Bob's Peak in Queenstown though most choose the relaxing Skyline Gondola. Whatever the method, rewards are spectacular 180+ degree views over Queenstown, sparkling Lake Wakatipu and surrounding snow-capped mountain ranges. In early autumn leaves turn a burnished gold making for a superb contrast with the sapphire blue waters of Lake Wakatipu.On the peak, ....Continue Reading >>
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